Ceiling Tiles for Education

Ceiling Tiles for Education

Shop our range of ceiling tiles tailored for education settings. Each room, from classrooms to school kitchens and laboratories, demands specific ceiling solutions - whether for sound management, hygiene, or durability.

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School Ceilings

A lifelong education relies on outstanding, passionate teachers who inspire and engage students. However, these teachers need the right environment to do their best work, and school ceilings play a crucial role in this.

Schools, colleges, and universities are intricate ecosystems requiring thoughtful design. These institutions have a variety of spaces, each with unique needs but sharing the common goal of optimising the learning experience.


Acoustics Matter

Thousands of students miss one in four words due to poor acoustics. Choose school ceiling tiles with balanced acoustic performance and high light reflectance to create better, brighter learning and teaching spaces.


Peaceful interiors that enhance light

Libraries need silence and concentration. Class A sound absorption mineral ceiling tiles reduce reverberation in open areas. High light reflectance brightens interiors by diffusing daylight, illuminating dark corners effectively.


Performance that Echoes in Hearts, Not Ears

Gymnasiums serve multiple purposes, from sports events to performances. Hard, reflective surfaces can create noisy environments and poor acoustics. Quiet the boom with impact-resistant ceiling tiles offering balanced acoustic performance.


The Drama Happens Only on Stage

Auditoriums host diverse events, making sound control essential. School ceilings need both sound reflection for vibrancy and sound absorption for reduced reverberation, ensuring high-quality acoustics and lasting aesthetics.

Frequently asked questions

How do ceiling tiles improve acoustics in educational settings?

Ceiling tiles designed for education environments enhance acoustics by reducing noise and reverberation, improving speech clarity, and creating quieter spaces conducive to learning.

What are the benefits of using high light reflectance ceiling tiles in classrooms?

High light reflectance ceiling tiles help maximise natural daylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting and creating brighter, more energy-efficient classrooms that promote a productive learning environment.

Are there specific ceiling tiles suitable for gymnasiums and multipurpose halls?

Yes, Rockfon Boxer Ceiling Tiles provide impact resistance and balanced acoustic performance, ideal for gymnasiums and multipurpose halls where sound control and durability are essential.

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