Replacement Ceiling Tiles

Find replacements for your damaged ceiling

There are a few characteristics of a ceiling tile that we use to identify it. If you're struggling to identify the tile you need, email us a photo of the face, the edges, and the back, both from close up and in place in the ceiling and we'll be happy to help identify your tile.

Here are the key features to look for;

Tile face - is it smooth or Fissured? Examine the front surface of the tile. Smooth tiles have a flat, even texture, while fissured tiles have a more rugged, textured appearance. Note that identifying tiles solely by their face can be challenging without prior knowledge.

Edges - Square edge tiles have 90-degree edges that sit flush with the grid. Tegular edge tiles have a stepped profile that extends below the grid, creating a shadow effect. Microlook edges also have a stepped profile but are designed to use with narrow 15mm grid. 

Item Codes - Check the back of the tile for identifying marks or item codes. These codes can be searched on our website using the search bar to find matching products.

Material and Brand Identification

  • Ecophon tiles are typically made of yellow fibre glass.
  • Zentia tiles are known for high-performance mineral tiles, usually white or off-white.
  • Rockfon tiles are composed of a brown stone wool.
  • AMF tiles have a mineral fibre composition, many with unique patterns or textures.

By carefully examining these features and providing clear photos, you can help us accurately determine which ceiling tiles you need to order as replacements. If you still have difficulty identifying your tiles, feel free to contact our sales team for further assistance.

Need help with your tiles?