Ceiling Tiles for Hospitality & Leisure

Ceiling Tiles for Hospitality & Leisure

Enhance hospitality and leisure spaces with ceiling tiles designed for both style and durability. Shop ceiling tiles that improve acoustics and are easy to maintain. Explore various styles and colours to create inviting environments that elevate guest experiences.

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Ceiling tiles for leisure

Rest and relaxation are essential parts of life, tailored to each person's unique preferences. Whether it's sports, hitting the gym, dining out, staying at a hotel, or watching a movie, leisure spaces should enrich these experiences. Every space, from cinemas to fitness studios and hotels, aims to create the right atmosphere for enhancing quality of life. Architectural solutions focus on maintaining acoustical balance, optimising lighting for brightness, and ensuring comfort in guest rooms.


Quieter dining with stylish ceilings

Design your restaurant with guest comfort in mind, balancing your vision with noise control and durability. Back-of-house ceilings meet industry standards for cleanliness and durability, while front-of-house ceilings exceed expectations with acoustical solutions in enticing materials, colors, shapes, and forms.


Playful Yet Peaceful

Gymnasiums, versatile spaces for sports and events, suffer from poor acoustics due to hard, reflective surfaces. They require durable, impact-resistant materials that also improve acoustics to manage noise effectively.


Acoustic harmony in conference rooms

Versatile spaces from weddings to corporate meetings demand excellent acoustics and durability. Our hospitality and leisure ceilings offer balanced acoustic performance, ensuring optimal sound control and absorption in diverse shapes, colors, and materials for a standout venue.

Frequently asked questions

Are these ceiling tiles suitable for different types of hospitality venues, such as hotels and restaurants?

These ceiling tiles are versatile and suitable for various hospitality venues, including hotels, restaurants, bars, and lounges. They are designed to complement different decor styles and enhance the ambiance of the space.

What are the benefits of using ceiling tiles in hospitality and leisure spaces?

Ceiling tiles in hospitality and leisure spaces offer acoustic control, aesthetic enhancement, and can contribute to energy efficiency by improving lighting and insulation.

Are these ceiling tiles easy to clean and maintain in busy hospitality environments?

Yes, ceiling tiles are designed with various cleaning options in mind. Some tiles are wipeable with a cloth, while others can withstand jet washing for thorough cleaning, ensuring they maintain their pristine appearance in busy hospitality settings.

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